SCYS Vision, Mission & Core Values


A vibrant centre point with a strong family environment which socially and spiritually enriches the community. A Community where children and adults can reach their full potential, free from any kind of discrimination and deprivation. Work coherently with valued partners to provide an identity for S.C.Y.S. and leave a legacy for future Generations.


  • To provide a wide range of high quality services, and encourage equality based on Sikh principles: vand ke shakna (Sharing all we have), kirth kamai (Earning an honest living), naam japna (Meditation)and seva (Serving and helping others)
  • Provide opportunities to the community to enhance quality of life.
  • We aim to stand united and strong, to be a listening and supportive organization to produce an evolving vision for the wellbeing of the community for Today, Tomorrow and the Future.
  • To be Elite in encouragement of Cohesion and Direction in order to achieve community pride and develop the well being of individuals.
  • To provide an access point for the community and provide elite services for the well being of the community for Today, Tomorrow and the Future.

Core Values

Supporting and empowering

  • Families and individuals to reach their full potential

Working Together

  • In cohesion with our partners Creating life opportunities and skills
  • Positively challenging discrimination and raising awareness
  • Communicate openly with stakeholders and service users

Creating Choice

  • By maintaining existing links
  • Developing new relationships
  • By providing guidance and access to information

Equality and Respect

  • For all cultures, traditions, religions and faiths

Professional Approach

  • In proactively providing consistent and high quality services
  • In maintaining Confidentiality and Honesty
  • In ensuring accountability and transparency for continuous improvement
  • In personal development for staff to achieve their potential
  • In creating and maintaining a healthy and happy work environment
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