Why Guru Course – Introductory course to the Sikh Faith

Posted on September 9, 2014

The second session, ‘Guru Nanak Dev Ji’, will be taking place on Tuesday 21st October from 6:30pm till 9pm. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the venue has temporarily been changed to:

Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara,
26 Nottingham Road,

The Why Guru course will take place every fortnight. This will allow us to continue our Tuesday evening Simran Sessions every other week.

Why Guru Course in Nottingham

Course aim
An introductory course to the Sikh faith, it’s Gurus’ teachings, their lives, texts, musicology, spiritual practices, history of its adherents and its relevance to today’s world.

1. To explore the lives, writings and social revolution led by the 10 human Gurus.
2. To understand Guru’s mystical teachings for achieving oneness with the Divine.
3. To introduce the scripture, its structure, prayers, and the raag/taal musicology.
4. To get a grasp of the Khalsa collective and Sikh history from 1700 onwards.
5. To explore through group discussion, the relevance of the Gurus’ teachings to us and the world.

Target Audience
The course is aimed at adults (over 18) of three different types:
1. People from non-Sikh or Sikh backgrounds with limited knowledge of Gurus’ teachings or Sikh history. No prior knowledge of Sikhism or Punjabi is required.
2. Those of Sikh background who are knowledgeable about Sikh history, i.e. 1947-84 and would like to learn about the spiritual teachings, scripture and musicology.
3. Those of Sikh background who know about the scripture, prayers and spiritual concepts and would like to know about the Gurus social revolution and Sikh history.

Teaching methods
• 12 session course, in English, with a different topic each time.
• Tutor led one hour PowerPoint seminar followed by group discussion.
• Students get a course booklet of all topics and handouts for notes.
• Students should be open-minded and willing to do pre-reading as required.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course, students will be expected to:
1. Have a grasp of main themes of Gurus’ teachings and life stories.
2. Understand the concepts of oneness with the Divine through “simran” and “naam”.
3. Explain the basics of Sikh scripture, musicology and theory of the Khalsa collective.
4. Have an understanding of the history of Sikhs from 1700 onwards to now.
5. Be able to discuss the relevance of the above to contemporary issues.


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