Ladies Mel Milaap

Mil Milaap sessions endeavour to change ones behaviour, attitude and lifestyle. Each week, different topics are picked up and students explore experiences. The purpose of these sessions are to help students to lead their life with family and friends in positive a way.

This class also helps build confidence in day to day activities and remove isolation. This also helps members to cope with ill health and relationships. Guests are also invited to speak on different topics regularly to encourage discussions and engage in debates.

Other aspects of Mel Milaap include trips, walking and other physical activities. In addition students are motivated to volunteer, erase fear, explore their own talents such as writing, singing, dancing and poetry.

Mel Milaap also creates the opportunity of social cohesion, by engaging into cultural activities, functions and all faith festivals alongside other important events. Alongside the above activities, Mel Milaap also provides the opportunity of a counselling service, whereby individual matters are addressed.


What Day: Monday
What Time: 12.00pm – 2.00pm
Where: SCYS

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